Time to Switch Up Your Hair Routine for Warmer Weather

Time to Switch Up Your Hair Routine for Warmer Weather

Here’s a running list of what’s bringing us joy as the summer season approaches: staying up late, “vacation mode” as a state-of-mind, and spending more time outside with our bestie, Mother Nature. Warmer weather might mean high times for our social calendar, but it also runs a high risk of causing unintentional hair damage– we’re talking hair-raising humidity, frizz-fried coils, and overexposure to UV rays. 

We harvest our Chébé in Chad, which can reach temperatures of up to 100 degrees in the summer months, and the dry desert air can leave hair dull, brittle and prone to breakage– yet women in Chad are famous for sporting healthy ultra-long locks year-round. How do they do it? Secret’s in the Chébé. 

Read on below for hot tips to keep your curls and waves healthy and popping through the extra spicy days ahead.

Drink Up

We’re not suggesting you ditch the iced coffee or bottomless mimosas this summer– we’re merely here to add a little balance to your beverage intake. Nothing says dehydration like caffeine and alcohol, and while you might be telling us another story, your listless curls don’t lie. Stay hydrated with this simple rule– drink 1 glass of water for every non-water beverage you consume. Garnish with a slice of lemon or cucumber for a little something extra. This is one easy glow-up that we can get behind.  

Turn Down The Heat

Heating tools can leech essential moisture from our hair, year-round. With the frizz factor going up come summer, it’s tempting to reach for straighteners and irons to smooth out the fuzz, without realizing we’re only creating more of it through heat damage. The time is now to start embracing our natural hair texture. Instead of fighting our frazzled strands with harsh heat, let's replenish what our hair needs most– a double dose of moisture. Try working a little Chébé Hair Milk through your curls to detangle, nourish, and fight frizz all day.

Cover All

We wear sunscreen to protect our skin from UV rays, but how do we protect our hair? Though there are UV blockers and antioxidant-rich serums that claim to reduce sun damage, Your best bet is to accessorize with a scarf, summer hat, or go hard with a polished protective style if your hot weather plans include extended sun exposure. Work in a leave-in product like our Chébé Buttercream to lock in moisture, longer. 

Dive in

Calling all mermaids– a cool dip is a summer holiday must, but beachy salt water and pool chlorine can wreak havoc on textured hair that is already prone to dryness. Protect your strands by misting them with water and massaging with a few drops of Oil Of Chébé before diving in. The oil creates a protective barrier along the hair shaft, to keep hair-harming salt and chemicals from penetrating while you get your summer swim on. 

Go Deep 

Any time is the right time to build your hair hydration arsenal. During cooler seasons, you may only deep condition once or twice a month. However, in hot, dry weather, you can step it up as often as once per week. Our Chébiotic Hair Mask is loaded with postbiotics to balance the pH of your scalp, while feeding much needed nutrients back into your strands. Let it sit for a bit under a plastic cap, for an extra punch of hair-help hydration.

Get Wild

Don’t fight your texture– embrace it! Buns, twist-outs, and braid-outs can enhance your natural curl pattern, while minimizing your frizz. Before starting on your favorite protective style, apply Chébé Buttercream along the hair shaft to seal in moisture. When taking down your style, apply a small amount to your hands, and fluff, for plumper, juicier results that put your best hair forward.

What Salwa Petersen products do you swear by come summer? Let us know at @salwapetersen 

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