Protect Yourself! Your Protective Style Wash-Day Routine

Protect Yourself! Your Protective Style Wash-Day Routine

From box braids to twists, protective styles are a great option any time of year. Besides looking fabulous, there are a ton of good-for-your-hair side effects. Braids and twists not only cut down on the time you spend doing your hair each day, they can also encourage growth and protect against breakage caused by environmental damage and overzealous daily styling from combing, brushing and tugging your hair into shape. 

Most protective styles can last for weeks on end, making them a seemingly perfect choice for when you want to take a more laissez-faire approach to your hair. But just because they’re low maintenance, doesn’t mean protective styles are NO maintenance! Without proper care, your formerly sizzlin’ style can be reduced to a parched, frizzy mess. So a healthy dose of moisture and a regular cleansing routine that’s tailored to your gorgeous new ‘do is super important.

Read on for our best wash day tips to help keep your braids looking pristine from Day 1 to Day Done!

Your Protective Style Chébé Ritual

Chébé Hydrating Shampoo for a deeply moisturizing cleanse

Chébé + HA Nourishing Conditioner to pack in the hydration

Oil of Chébé Fortifying Hair Oil

Chébé Hair Milk for shine and frizz control

Your Wash Day, Step-By-Step


Start by diluting a small amount of Chébé Hydrating Shampoo with water and then pour the mixture into an applicator bottle with a nozzle. The nozzle is key because it lets you apply shampoo directly to your scalp, making it easier to focus on the roots. Gently massage the shampoo into the root of your hair, and carefully work down to the ends. But remember, friction is the enemy, so don’t scrub or tousle your braids too much! Gently rinse until the water runs clear.


After cleansing, apply a small amount of Chébé + HA Nourishing Conditioner directly to your scalp. Using the same gentle technique, carefully massage the conditioner into your roots and move down towards the tips, working the product in so your braids can soak up all that luscious goodness. Fully rinse the conditioner out until the water runs clear.


Take extra care when drying your hair; Wet braids can lead to icky problems like mold or mildew, so be sure to dry them thoroughly. Remove excess water by gently scrunching your braids in a microfiber towel or t-shirt and then either hit them with a blow dryer on the cool setting or air dry completely before styling.


Finally it’s time to pack in some moisture and shine with Oil of Chébé Fortifying Hair Oil. Using a gentle hand, work the product in from root to tip, being sure not to cause any unnecessary friction that could contribute to frizz. Finish with a spritz of Chébé Hair Milk for an extra hydration boost, and enjoy your clean, frizz-free braids!

Protective styles can be an investment, so it pays off in the end to spend a little extra TLC properly caring for them. By following these tips, your braids and twists will stay looking their best! 

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